SAMART aims to bring business and consumer closer. We are working towards building a directory portal that serves business owners and consumers like wise. Business owners can showcase their product and consumer can choose from wide variety on offer in their local area.









Our Mission is Simple : Make Finding Business Easier

Our Mission is to create a business environment that enables small and medium business to thrive, we offer a business listing portal for South African business owners, by giving them beautiful template to show case their business (via adding post, or video) making marketing of their product an easy choice.

For Consumers we provide search near by options so they can find what the looking for in the area and read others review and rating before making a product choice.

    What is SAMART Role in Your Business Growth.

SAMart provides a online business listing directory for small and medium business owners. It work as a portal where business owner can list their product, run specials and connect with their customer and receive feedback and reviews. All the information display onsite is provided  by the multiple third parties. Transaction between market place operator (listed business) and consumer is processed and delivered by mutual agreed method chosen by businesses and customers, SAMART do not take part in any transaction directly. or indirectly.


Serving Your Community

Most of the small business do not have enough resources to run and manage a dedicated website, this directory serve the purpose of creating a beautiful listing with in built location and instant social sharing making marketing of business easy to do task. Business can also run product specials and coupons saving them fortune spent on running and managing such deals other wise.


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